'Chi' is often translated as "energy flow" or            "spiritual energy" that flows through us and is believed to be a part of everything that exists. Chi is the energy that not only improves our physical health and wellbeing but also keeps us mentally and emotionally strong and energized.  It is only when our physical, mental and emotional states are balanced ( or 'chi' is strong) that we are able to cultivate creative minds and spread happiness!  

 We at Xacchi are trying to bring this balance and spread happiness by creating everything that is beautiful, colourful and vibrant!  With each colour symbolizing something special, our unbelievable range of products in different hues and designs, surely will infuse positivity and happiness.

White Sand and Stone
Sea Shell


Shipra is a self taught artist. She picked up art as a way to express all that was left unsaid in the day to day life of a young mother. Her art is not bound by a specific form and is experimental in terms of the medium and colours. Each piece is a unique expression of that space-time. Shipra lives in Singapore with her family.